Pixie – Adopted

Pixie – Adopted
Pixie – Adopted
Pixie – Adopted
Pixie – Adopted
Pixie – Adopted

Pixie gave birth to two little babies who were sadly malformed and did not make it. She is so young, and underweight, and sometimes this happens.

The silver lining in this is that earlier in the week, one of our fosters found three newborn babies in a parking lot, one had passed and the other two were not really moving and were cold. They brought them home to bottle feed while setting up traps to try to catch the adults who were around to try to find mom.

The one baby passed away in the night, but the little grey and white one is a fighter! They were able to get this one to eat, and we tried to match the baby with one of our nursing mamas, but it just wouldn’t latch. After Pixie lost her babies, her foster ran and picked up this little one to see if it would do better, and IMMEDIATELY the baby latched and started nursing!

They are thriving. It’s as if they were always meant to be family. Randall opened his eyes a few days ago and as expected, mama Pixie was the first one he saw.

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My favorite thing to do is… I am an adoptive momma to an abandoned kitten.  I lost my 3 babies as they were born to early to survive but my foster mom brought me a 5 day old kitten shortly after delivering my own and I instantly fell in love with him, so my favorite thing to do now is cuddle with my baby.  I know that he is almost ready to be adopted himself so my next favorite thing will probably be to hang out with my humans.

I want my new owner to know…My foster family has lots of kids and other pets.  The kids range from 7 up to 19 and they are all great with me.  A lot of the neighbor kids love me too when they come over.  They have 3 of their own cats, a small dog, a bird and a bearded dragon.  I love to sit and watch the bird and sometimes like to climb on the cage but I usually get in trouble when I do that.  I haven’t really paid any attention to the lizard.  I love the dog and the lazy male cat, but I’m not too crazy about the 2 other female cats in the house.  I am a pretty vocal cat.  I like to talk and let my people know I’m around and when I want attention.  I like to talk to my pipe cleaner toys too when I’m playing with them.  I am a very sweet girl and can’t wait to find my new forever home!

What makes me special is…My foster family loves how I like to sprawl my back legs out when I lay on the floor and when they pick me up and hold me I sprawl my legs and sit on their hip like a human toddler.  I am also known for having conversations with them on occasion.   They say I ask for attention like a dog sometimes too when I walk up to them and put my front paws up on their leg or lap asking to be picked up or pet.
Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? I am fed a little bit of wet food morning and evening and I also have  access to dry food throughout the day.
Am I eating wet or dry? Wet, Dry
My favorite toys are: I love to play with coiled up pipe cleaners and I especially love my humans to play with me with feathers on a string!
I sleep: I can be found sleeping in various places… the top of the cat tree, flat on the floor with legs sprawled out and sometimes on furniture or rugs.

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