Mystique – Adopted

Mystique – Adopted
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My favorite thing to do is… Explore. You can always find me on top of something. My habitat, the top of the cat tree, dressers, a desk. I love to be in the window and look down on everything. I love when my foster mom is cooking dinner, I sit on her feet and wait for a treat. I want my new owner to know… I prefer quiet, calm doing things on my own time. I am a little nervous but have warmed up easily to lots of different people and even my foster dogs. I would do well with having a playmate, and really love my brother Charles. I have kitten friends bigger than me and love to play with them too. I’m pretty quiet but my ears and tail tell you everything you need to know. What makes me special is… I am stealthy and quiet- I sneak around and find new stuff to explore. I love to be on top and look down watching everything happening. I love to snuggle my brother kitten, or a stuffed animal when I sleep. I purr really deep, especially when you scratch my neck and back. My split colored face and tabby in my calico makes me the most beautiful girl. I like to be brushed, and my nails are very easy to be clipped. I don’t even mind the occasional bath. My coat is pretty short, so I’ll be easy to take care of 🙂

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? Free feed Dry food, Wet in am Am I eating wet or dry? Wet, Dry
My favorite toys are: Yarn balls with bells, laser pointer, ribbon chasers I sleep: Tippity top of cat tree or habitat

Good with

Am I good with Dogs? Yes
Am I good with Cats? Yes
Am I good with Kids? Yes