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My favorite thing to do is… I enjoy sleeping on the cat tree and getting loved on by my foster mom and dad.  Make sure to hide the treat container as I will carry it around and meow until you give me them! I enjoy exploring the kitchen cabinets and playing with toys I can bat around the floor. I’m very sweet and love to be loved! I have the sweetest meow that is surprisingly cute although I am not a noisy cat.  I am polite and careful with my paws and tail.  I am not a needy kitty but will show how much I care about you by finding you and following you all over the house. I watch my foster mom fold laundry and casually curl around her legs to show I care.   Feathers are no match for my quick tactile paws.  My foster family adores how I use my paws like hands and am able to manipulate toys, food, and playmates so uniquely.  I know the family rules and stick to them respectfully.  I use the litter box perfectly, as all ladies should.  I am relaxed and calm while getting my monthly nail trim, and you won’t find me clawing carpet or furniture. I know better than that!  Now, when nobody is looking I have been known to sneak to the counters and check out the snack options but like a ninja-I am untraceable. SSHHH!  I am a fantastic companion cat who has so much personality and charm.  Can’t wait to be yours!

12/14/20  NOTE: Macaron is currently being treated for a non-lethal fungal infection in her nose known as Cryptococcosis.   She is under a vet’s care and will be done with her treatment as soon as the vet clears her.  Macaron won’t have any long-term issues after it resolves and she is responding as expected to the treatment of  2x/day Fluconozole pill. She takes her pills easily and without any trouble.

If you would like to adopt Macaron under these circumstances, she will need to continue being seen by her current vet and remain on her medication until final notice by her vet.  AZ Care will provide the monthly medication as needed for her recoveryand pay for the vet visits.  Additionally, an in-depth vetting process will be a part of this special circumstance and all details will be disclosed after a meet and greet submission is received.

Tips From the Foster

How often I eat? Free feed
Am I eating wet or dry?  Dry
My favorite toys are: Anything she can play hockey with, batting around the floor.
I sleep: Cat tree or in a bed near a window.