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Pets Coming Available 6/13/20 @12am!
Weekly Pet Update

Who will be new to adopt this Saturday?

Moving to Available and can be requested at: 6/13/20 @ 12am

***Because they will have had the required three days to heal, these pets will be able to schedule their meet and greets as soon as 6/13***
Male: Finch, Noodles, Wonton, Johnny, Mr Meow Stache, Zaalbar, Gungi, Hunter, Emeric
Female: Sable, Mable, Lil Fox, Bellatrix, Clover

Schedule a meet and greet with an available pet!

Meet and greets can be set up once the pet is available. With the new changes due to COVID-19 and moving our process online, we are still making our process first come first serve. In order to ensure all interested parties have the same level of attention, all meet and greet requests must be made after the available date on the site, requests before will not be considered.

Sponsor a pet!

Our animal sponsorship program allows you to make a tax-deductible donation that will support one of our special foster pets! Many of our rescued dogs and cats have veterinary expenses that exceed the amount of their adoption fees. Your contribution will assist in offsetting these expenses and help us to save more animals!

Join us for our Weekly Pet Fair on Facebook Live!

Virtually meet pets looking for forever homes every Saturday from 12pm to 2pm on Facebook Live! Get your questions answered in real time and fall in love with our cuties!
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